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Spanish / English Translation Services for Immigrants and Their Families

Colorado Translation provides bilingual services to Spanish preference immigrants and their families.

We offer experienced, native language guidance to resident aliens, naturalized citizens, and undocumented residents, to include the process for naturalization in accordance with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The Colorado Translation staff can accompany Spanish-speaking immigrants to court appointments, independent medical examinations (IME), translate immigration forms and paperwork, and offer recommendations and translation at certain immigration-related presentations and interviews.

The Colorado Translation network includes access to respected immigration lawyers, accountants, and legal specialists for Spanish language clients.

While most of our clients choose a full service translation and immigration package, Colorado Translation can also provide one-time services such as:

  • Translation of birth and wedding certificates
  • Translated and notarized official or personal documents
  • Preparation of federal and state income tax returns
  • Representation at deportation proceedings
  • Recovery of bail bonds and other deposits
  • Private tutors and immersion learning in English or Spanish

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